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Make every coffee excellent

Time For A Better Brew

Transparency will give the industry coffee we can be proud of


Up until now, the coffee industry hasn’t had visibility of coffee production.


Consumers now have the most robust coffee awareness and preferences we’ve seen.


We’ve fused technology & coffee, creating simplicity & transparency. Flow gives you more control over coffee than you’ve ever known.

Taste The Flavour Of Consistency

Empowering change through a new level of clarity.

Powerful Visual Feedback

  • Real-time feedback for baristas
  • Highlight recipe adherence
  • Promote quick corrections
  • Reinforce great performance

Flow Analytical Intelligence

  • Gain visibility
  • Track performance trends
  • Monitor KPIs
  • Identify potential issues

Tailored To You

  • Drive your recipe
  • Manage brew parameters
  • Measure changes
  • Target improvements

Our Product

We offer an 'Internet of Things' solution to capture and visualise data directly from commercial coffee machines.

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