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Make every coffee excellent
Make every coffee excellent
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Is every coffee you're serving as good as it could be? Flow gives you the visibility to take control of your coffee offering, to ensure every coffee you serve makes your customers day.

The Flow System

An overview of the three components that make up the Flow System.

Why Use Flow?

Flow improves consistency, profitability, training opportunites and reduces waste.


Frequently asked questions about install, onboarding, licensing and more.

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The Flow System

The Flow system consists of 3 parts: The Flow Device, the Real-time Gauges, and our Analytics Dashboard.

Simple Integration

Easily integrated with a wide range of volumetric coffee machines

Real-time Capture

Captures and analyses data from the coffee machine in real-time

Flow Device

A small Internet connected device integrated with your espresso machine.

Out of the way

Mounted discreetly, with no permanent modifications required to your machine

WiFi Enabled

Communicates via the Internet with the Analytics Dashboard (requires an Internet connection)

Versatile Display

Mount one of many modern displays or devices near the coffee machine for useful feedback.

Real-time Feedback

Each shot poured is shown on the shot clock, with clear feedback no whether it met recipe or not

Real-time Gauges

A display that gives baristas immediate feedback on whether recipe is being met or not.

Useful for training

Train your baristas using immediate feedback on shot times, recipe adherence and grinder settings.

Web-based platform

Globally accessible dashboard, with every shot poured stored for analysis.

Performance metrics

See how your store (or stores) are performing on a number of key metrics.

Analytics Dashboard

A web based dashboard that gives visibility of every sites performance.


Review stores, days, and busy periods to identify trends and issues.

Daily reports

Receive daily reports of your stores key metrics, and keep up with the play.

Why Use Flow?

The Flow System uses technology to deliver the Holy Grail for any café — consistency.

We're seeing big gains through using Flow. With visibility on what's working for us, and where we can improve, our baristas, barista trainers and technicians are more effective and responsive to changes than ever before.
Chris White
Altura Coffee Founder, WBC Judge

Cost Savings

Visibility of operations allows for organisations to focus resources where they’re most needed. Training can be tailored to the needs of specific sites and baristas. Support can be offered remotely and equipment can be optimised for each sites’ requirements.

Consistent Quality

Great coffee creates a moment we can stop and cherish. When we deliver a consistent experience in the cup, customers will enjoy that moment every day. That is a customer experience we can pride ourselves on.

Increased Value

We believe that consistent quality will have an effect on the value that customers place on their coffee and what they are willing to spend on it.

Sustainable Proposition

Raising the value perception of coffee could have an effect on the viability of cafes, have a positive impact on baristas wages and we could even see the benefits flow onto the roasters and the coffee farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you integrate into my coffee machine?

    If you are using a traditional volumetric machine, the answer is almost certainly yes. Flow has been integrated into many different manufacturers machines and to date, we have not found one that we could not integrate with.

  • What does the onboarding process look like?

    Once the unit is installed, we will then take your key personnel through the online training programme. The data that Flow provides is clear and very easy to understand.

  • How much does Flow cost?

    Flow is less than the price of one coffee per day. We tailor pricing to each individual business case.

  • Will the system require ongoing servicing?

    No, Flow can be remotely updated, and there is no need for physical servicing.

  • Can I have the system without the gauges?

    Yes, the dashboard and the gauges run independently of each other. We believe there is incredible value in having both, though they can run independently.

  • Why is recipe important?

    The main pillars of recipe being dry dose, yield and time will determine the flavour in the cup. Your roaster will have put a lot of time into creating the perfect balance of these 3 pillars. At the retail level, it is imperative that the recipe parameters are being met in order to deliver your clients a high-quality flavour experience.